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There is a better place for us African’s

All it takes to get to that better place is an “image” that shows us what the future may hold for us African’s. And we should choose to see it no matter how bad things may get at the present moment. You may ask “why Images and not words?” Because an image is worth a million words (a thousand words is too small).

We have one life yet again choosing to only imagine the wrongs that are constantly shoved down our throats day in and day out is just unnecessary and unproductive. Crying over spilled milk will never get it back into the ኩባያ (Cup)
Most books or people will tell you to live in the NOW…..But I say why? Why not fantasies about the future. It’s more productive than dwelling in the past or now telling ourselves how we were all wronged or how shitty things are. This is especially true for us Africans.

We can only save ourselves by collectively visualizing a better future for us Africnas.

The future is a place where we can escape from the collective shitty reality we all experience when leaving our beds. Our future is something we can strive towards. Something to give us strength. A place to have faith in. And you know what, our future is always in our power as long as we remember to visualize that beautiful African future where anything is possible. Visualizing costs nothing. Well, maybe a bit of food to nourish our brains 😉. (I like visualizing after some Kitfo).

Finally, I leave you with this one thing…… It is up to you to fill your own minds with images, words, sounds of what you would like to experience/become. Stop filling your heads with Bad news. It does not help. Filter everything that you put in it. You only live once therefore make it matter. Always imagine a grander image of our collective African future. Be on the side of the grand ideas of your fellow African sister or brother. Believe that it will get better. And always…ALWAYS…..See and experience more of the things that will lead you there.

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