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Year2020ArtistNoh Balcha

The sacred monks of King Lalibela ፹፮

The sacred monks of King Lalibela ፹፮ ( 86 ) find themselves in ፳፫፻፺፰ ( 2406 A.D ) somewhere in the northern part of Renaissance Ethiopia. They marvel at the then city of Aximago.

ባሻ አንድ (BashaOne) Abba Girumna and ሻምበል ሶስት ( ShambelThree) Tefferisona (monks further away) calibrate there mateb machines that controls the Saba Portal ሳመ- to head back to ፳፮፻፺ ( 3698 A.D ) while the rest of the sacred monks marvel at the view of their ancestor.


I really do believe there is a lot of hidden truths in ancient books of Ethiopia. Especially in the books that tell us how all the rock hewn churches were constructed. If only we can unlock their secrets, maybe just maybe they may tell us about things far beyond our imagination that can make a lot of things possible.

There is so much that is unknown about Ancient Ethiopia. Huge chunks of historical records that have been lost. Hopefully one day all will be found and its truths lived.

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