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Year2020ArtistNoh Balcha

The Future I would love to experience

The hell with #afrofuturism and #ethiofutrism. Tired of THINKING of some distant future that seems never to come. I want to live in it NOW! NOW! NOW!

Let us stop the madness and START CREATING OUR FUTURE NOW.

I want to embrace and do #afronowism & #ethionowism.


For some reason, my brother Jay and I love using the Jebna (Clay Coffee Container of Ethiopia) a lot. For me, the shape of it that starts at the fat bottom that rises and ends in a thin neck is just something that always has me captivated. Plus, the coffee that comes out of it is just delicious. This piece will hopefully inspire some architects to create something similar. However, I do not want to be the civil engineer or contractor that works on this project.

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