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Year2020ArtistNoh Balcha

Melake Fewashe (Angel Healer)


“100% healed,” a voice whispered to him. He had expected some resistance from the dark entities that had appeared earlier on. They were much powerful than they had predicted and quicker at creating chaos. ባሻ አምስት (BashaFive) Abba Gebre-zee-mariam is part of King Lalibela ፹፮ ( 86 ) extraordinary division of መላከ ፈዋሽ(Melake Fewashe or Angel Healer). This monk harnesses the powers discovered in the ancient Geez book to heal lands ravaged by negative energy or evil spirits.

In ፳፫፻፺፰ ( 2406 A.D ), ironically a Zereyaqubian practitioner had discovered that Zander currents (a different form of electricity of the times) exposed on certain ancient books transformed the written scriptures into semi-gaseous like forms. These forms had powers capable of neutralizing all those that are not supposed to exist in our reality plane.

Healing by መላከ ፈዋሽ always had to be done before the Ark’s carrying life was unloaded on new planets being terraformed.

As always want to thank Pixel Squid and Shutterstock for letting me use their plug-in and massive image library. They both really do make creating art easier!

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