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Lina Apartments Social Media Campaign

This project was one of those super fun projects you’d jump out of bed to create

The clients had given me full reign on creativity with minimum obstruction so as to not hinder my creative flow. I am so grateful to clients like this that believe in the designer’s abilities to find the best solutions for them.

One of the things that made this project different was I was also tasked to create all the copy for the campaign. (Check the project on Instagram @lina_apartments to see the copy in the captions)

There was a lot of research done on my part as to whom we were targetting and what kind of copy and visuals will steer our target market to the desired outcome.

After that nailing down the copy, it was all about amassing a huge library of images that needed to be cut, cleaned and composed into place. I could not have kept track of what had to be done without the lovely Microsoft Excel.

As for the orange color…. it’s part of the branding color of Lina PLC.

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