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Year2020ArtistNoh Balcha

Afronut Bodi

after managing to land on the 2023 TQ49, Afronaut Bodi takes one last selfie before embarking on his mission that’s set to save….


What inspired me to create this piece is what an Astronaut embodies and my ambition to install the seeds of this reality in the paths of the children of my nation and Africa. It represents the highest achievement a nation can reach. The people of Ethiopia have never seen or let alone even imagined one of their own as being an astronaut because they are so busy with staying peaceful.

In this piece, the astronaut you see is from a pastoralist clan in the Omo valley that is found in the southern part of Ethiopia where the people there are still considered primitive in relation to other people living in the entire country. I purposefully picked Bodi from a group of people that no one expects to reach such heights. We as Africans are not cursed into living lives that do not enable us to reach our full potential.

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