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About me

This site is owned and operated by Noh (Noah) Balcha

I’m Noh (Noah) Balcha a digital artist and graphic designer from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

I find inspiration in various Ethiopian Day to day life objects, Ethiopian myths, Christianity as well as sci-fi books and movies which ignites my imagination to think of things differently of how I see my future from where I am (Ethiopia) while being in it. I create art because I feel like it is my duty and responsibility to show my people an alternate Ethio-African Reality where it is worked in our favor.


I specialize in digital art. Photoshop is my tool of choice. I focus on merging the past and future of Ethiopia which is mostly a mix of Ethiopian Christianity, tech, and everyday Ethiopian objects into creating a vision that will act as a beacon in our future that we all can focus on and work towards as a nation.

My art style is a combination of Afrofuturism and cyberpunk with a hint of old Ethiopian spices. I am motivated by the idea of what life can be if we only knew how good it can get and we worked towards it.. I’ve been creating art for 18 years. I connect with the art community through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and my website.

When people see my work, I hope they experience an alteration to the way they see their lives in the African future. They should feel like there is something much better for them on the other side of their future and that they should feel lifted from their daily African lives.